The term "MICE" in the context of travel is an acronym for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. The MICE market refers to a specialized niche of group tourism dedicated to planning, booking, and facilitating conferences, seminars, and other events, which is a big moneymaker in the travel industry.

The acronym has slowly been falling out of favor in recent years, as some industry professionals hope to move away from the affiliation with rodents. Instead, many now refer to this niche market as the meetings industry or events industry in tourism. However, using MICE to refer to this industry is useful in that it encompasses every component of this particular travel market. Whether you're looking to organize a group outing for your company's employees (incentive) or you want to organize a big event focused on the latest innovations in your field (conference), MICE travel agents can help you book your itinerary. What is MICE travel?

M: Meeting travel- Any number of people coming together in one place for a particular activity, which can be a one-time event or recur regularly.
I: Inventive Travel- typically given to employees as a reward. A non-business vacation with the aim of continued motivation for performance.
C: Conference Travel- Have specific objectives and exchange of information. Organizing itineraries, meetings, and events for people from the same profession or field.
E: Exhibition Travel- Produce or services are displayed, and are the primary focus of the event.

As a meetings' planning arm of B2B Cambodia, the MICE department is able to address the vast needs of the meetings and incentive sectors. Our expertise will take you further and allow us to manage events or meetings that leave your audience impressed and your business message or product remembered positively. We channel our energy into establishing your objectives, then work through a process of defining the event characteristics, and optimize by finding the best communication medium suited for your firm.

We identify content balance where both business and social elements exist, with emphasis given to corporate identity or even festive themes. From Annual General Meetings, Product Launches to Adventure or Golf Activities and Corporate Meetings, Seminar, Conference, and Exhibitions, Asia Exotic Tours has the right people to assist you in making a lasting positive impression with incentive trips being our forte. At Asia Exotic Tours we pride ourselves on delivering quality corporate meetings and event management. We strive to build relationships and create memorable events that will enthrall your audience. Do call us today at +855-89-342547 or alternatively you can email us at sales@asiaexotictours.com to start planning for your next Incentive trip!

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